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The Australian National Sportfishing Association formally started in 1967 when a group of dedicated Sportfishers met at Yorkeys Knob in Cairns. Fourteen "barefooted Yobbo's" under the stewardship of Vic McCristal and George Bryden put into some order their ideas of fishing for sport and enjoyment.

From that time on they determined to promote sportfishing under the motto "sport, conservation & integrity".

Internationally, ANSA is a member of the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) Members of ANSA are entitled to participate in and claim international IGFA records.

ANSA Victoria is our states representative of the ANSA National network that extends through all states of Australia.

Made up mostly of but not limited to angling clubs, ANSA Victoria is a recognised peak body within our state and continues to listen to the ideas and toughts of our states fishers.

Every year ANSA Victoria and it's affiliated clubs host a state championship which is currently made up of 6 legs across the state. Each leg is called a Convention, these conventions are located in fresh and saltwater locations. 

Rules for these conventions are as per the ANSA Rule Book.

To form your ANSA club, we suggest a minimum of six members. Australia-wide the average club has over forty members, although not essential this number seems to be an ideal number for social and fishing reasons. Membership in the Association is open to all clubs and members who agree to abide by the rules and ethics of the Association.




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